Tydirium Multimedia is an organization founded by James Teitelbaum
in order to explore his various personal and professional creative pursuits.

James' career focus is in music production and sound engineering.  Branching off from there into the live sound and touring industry has afforded James the chance to make music all over the world.  This, in turn, inspired James to begin traveling for pleasure, and also to begin writing about his adventures (sometimes as James Addams).
Four books have resulted, with a fifth one in the pipeline.

Deeply interested in the visual and performing arts, James is a member or supporter of many arts organiations, and is a solid advocate of arts education.  Thus, he is proud to be a member of the Recording Arts faculty at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy in Chicago.

Never limited to just to words and sounds, Tydirium Multimedia has produced:
Musical recordings by dozens of artists, musical recordings by James (working as Left Orbit Temple), printed magazines (including 21 issues of a sci-fi magazine), CD-ROM content (remember when that was edgy?), live concerts, promotional events, E-books, promotional materials for theater (posters, programs, postcards), web sites, photography, and more.

This web site exists so that you may explore many of James' creative projects and career highlights.