Tydirium Multimedia is James Teitelbaum's production company.
This web site exists so that you may explore many of James' creative projects and career highlights.

James' career focus is in studio-based music engineering.
Further work in the live sound industry has afforded James the chance to make music all over the world. 
This, in turn, inspired James to begin traveling for pleasure, and to begin writing about his adventures (sometimes as James Addams).
Four books have resulted, with a fifth one in the pipeline.

Deeply interested in the visual and performing arts, James is a member or supporter of many arts organizations, and is a solid advocate of arts education. 
Thus, he is proud to be a member of the Recording Arts faculty at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy in Chicago.

James has released his own music under the name Left Orbit Temple. 
In recent years, this project has shifted towards non-musical pieces made with heavily processed found sound, with the intention of collaborating with video artists, installations, choreographers, etc.